Sensing the Unseen 2.0: An Infraduction
Guest Editors Emily Zeamer, Stefan Helmreich, & Heather Paxson
Ratu Kidul
Karen Strassler and Juan Orrantia
Robert Desjarlais
Auratic Indexicality and the Spiritual Unconscious
Karen Strassler
The Map of Maple
Amy B. Trubek
Visible Sap
Amy B. Trubek
Howlisteningfor what’sthoughto…
Hillel Schwartz
On the Evanescent and the Reminiscent
Brad Weiss
Wine Memory
Rachel Black
Sensing the Unseen – Response
David Howes
Materials Recovery Facility
Ernst Karel
Blind: On the Phenomenology of Camouflage
Hanna Rose Shell
Knowing Citizens
Sarah Igo
An Anthropological Experiment: From the Cutting Room Floor
Kathryn Linn Geurts