Issue 1+2: A Rock Collection
Guest Editors Maia Asshaq and Benjamin Gaydos
An Introduction to Caillois’ Stones & Other Texts
Donna Roberts
Stones & Other Texts (an excerpt)
Roger Caillois, Translated by Valentine Umansky
SEEK: A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
Institute of New Feeling with Rebecca Worby
Rock Collections: Three Stories About Rocks
Jason Dilworth
Long Distance Operators
Francis McKee
A Idade da Pedra
Ana Vaz and Filipa Ramos
Iron Teaching Rocks How to Rust
Julia Yezbick with Olayami Dabls
would you call it a place
Matt Conzett with Megan Stockton + Patricia No
Heroes, Gods, and Beasts: An Appendix
Benjamin Gaydos
Pauline Oliveros’ Rock Piece
Lindsay Karty
Rock Record: Flint Magazine, Issue 1
Joe Reinsel