Blind 1. noun. A structure whose purpose is simultaneously to conceal a hunter from her game and to grant her an ideal vantage point from which to shoot, unseen by others; 2. adjective. Existing in a state of seeing nothing at all.

Blind is a film about the phenomenology of camouflage. The film, along with the multimedia performances and environmental interactions out of which it emerged, both documents, and is itself, an experiment in hide-and-seek, investigating how to be, as how not to be seen, both in nature and on film.

Blind emerged out of a fascination, and at times near obsession, with the psychological and material practices of camouflage. Of the drive – sometimes life-or-death, sometimes tongue-in-cheek – to hide in plain sight. It was produced concurrent and in dialogue with the writing of my 2012 book Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Photography, and the Media of Reconnaissance, providing its experiential frame.

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Produced by Hunter Snyder