Acoustemic Stratigraphies: Recent Work in Urban Phonography
Steven Feld
Street Art Intervention: Alexandre Orion’s “Ossario” in São Paulo, Brazil
Nicholaus Gutierrez
Visualizing Vinyl: “The Record” at the Nasher Art Museum
Rebecca Dowd Geoffroy and Darren Mueller
Other Realm of Sea
Chinnie Ding
“the first spoken arts record you can dance to”
Jeffrey Schnapp with Kara Oehler
Oral ideologies, aural technologies
Gavin Williams
Hearing the Hills: An Acoustic Encounter with South Dakota’s Black Hills
Jen Heuson
Sounding Underground: listening, performing and transforming the commuting experience
Ximena Alarcón
Revere Double Exposure
Joana Pimenta
Reflections on Copenhagen
Michael D. Jackson