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“Next stop: Wonderland.” For more than 100 years, travelers have heard these words announced on their way to Revere Beach. But the first publicly accessible beach in the country — with its magic attractions that were a shock for the senses and its public display of all that was dangerous to the mind — has undergone a profound transformation, from the voice of the Narrow Gauge train controller in the early 20th century to the electronic speaker of the MBTA Blue Line. What remains to be sensed reveals how Wonderland still functions as a peripheral place where Bostonians continue to project their hidden memories and desires, remembrances of what it once was inscribed in what it now is. Revere Double Exposure takes this two-way journey as a point of departure to explore Revere Beach as a space that dwells on this constant duality between past and present, memory, and imagination, in a movement that attempts to record that which continuously escapes.