• would you call it a place
  • Matt Conzett with Megan Stockton + Patricia No
  • [6] Flint Magazine Issue 1+2
  • 07/2024
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would you call it a place features a collection of poems and rock imagery that physically traveled between poets Patricia No & Megan Stockton. No & Stockton wrote short poems to each other about the relationship of the rock and the coveter of the rock: the weight of rocks in the purse, rocks in the pocket, hot rocks in bed, sleep-stones, rocks in the mail, rocks with names of lovers, desert rocks, river rocks, sand, and on.

While it is important for these poems and images to appear in print, as a collection, we also wanted to represent the distance, the time it took for these poems to travel that distance, the bonds created in friendship over the physical and the immaterial.

Throughout the creation of Flint Magazine, we were constantly confronted with the problem of presentation and representation across various media. Sound artist and musician, Matt Conzett, created an audio component to the piece. By layering and slightly modifying the audio, Conzett created a conversation between the poets. Adding a texture which mimics that of a distant phone call and using repetition to mimic the recalling of a memory.