Sounds of the Anthropocene
Learning to Listen to the Underground
Andrea Ballestero and Lupe A. Flores
Sensing Empire at Sea: SONAR, Kanaloa and Indigenous Marine Sovereignty
Sarah Marie Wiebe
Shelter in Place: A Woman of Color in Analog Film
Nazlı Dinçel
Listening in the Anthropocene, An Introduction
Guest Editor Marina Peterson
Wave Noise
Stefan Helmreich
Threatened Soundscapes in Mongolia
Jennifer Post
Dry Signals
Michael Silvers
Land Reclamation History
Scott Smallwood
On Immersion: Editorial Essay
Julia Yezbick, Ryat Yezbick, and Emilio Vavarella
Listening to Ice
Max Ritts
Call and Response (or the Lack Thereof): Atmospheric Voices and Distributed Selves
J. Martin Daughtry
Imitation Game
Stephanie Deumer
In Between the States of Immersion and De-immersion
Young Joo Lee
Land Reclamation History
Scott Smallwood
Colloidal Suspension: Immersion and the Pedagogies of Making
Peter Lunenfeld
Issue 1+2: A Rock Collection
Guest Editors Maia Asshaq and Benjamin Gaydos
An Introduction to Caillois’ Stones & Other Texts
Donna Roberts
Stones & Other Texts (an excerpt)
Roger Caillois, Translated by Valentine Umansky
SEEK: A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy
Institute of New Feeling with Rebecca Worby
Rock Collections: Three Stories About Rocks
Jason Dilworth
Long Distance Operators
Francis McKee
A Idade da Pedra
Ana Vaz and Filipa Ramos
Iron Teaching Rocks How to Rust
Julia Yezbick with Olayami Dabls
would you call it a place
Matt Conzett with Megan Stockton + Patricia No
Heroes, Gods, and Beasts: An Appendix
Benjamin Gaydos
Pauline Oliveros’ Rock Piece
Lindsay Karty
Rock Record: Flint Magazine, Issue 1
Joe Reinsel
Flint Magazine and Sensate 2.0 Launch
S.M.S. Introduction: Out of the Box, 1968
Lindsey Lodhie and Michael Maizels
S.M.S. Digital Exhibition
Hearing Modernity: Introduction
T. Brandon Evans and Caufield Schnug
(Auto) Dialogical Feedback: Towards an Archive of Loss
Mark Peter Wright
Someone Else’s Project
Shirin Mozaffari
Everyday Soundscapes, Sonic Torture
Hayley Fenn and Caufield Schnug
Drawing with Tim Ingold
Atticus Allen, Chris Burbank, Gerald Hastings
Sensing the Unseen 2.0: An Infraduction
Guest Editors Emily Zeamer, Stefan Helmreich, & Heather Paxson
I Lost My Sampler
Hayley Fenn and Matt Blackmar
Audio/Visual An/Empathy
Michael Kushell and Daniel Walden
Ratu Kidul
Karen Strassler and Juan Orrantia
Unspeakable Things: Introduction
Guest Editors Ben Tausig and Tyrell Haberkorn
Robert Desjarlais
Tapes Everywhere
Matthew Blackmar and Daniel Walden
Auratic Indexicality and the Spiritual Unconscious
Karen Strassler
Marek Poliks and T. Brandon Evans
Tale of the Ticket
Alexandra Dalferro
Aural “Memory”
Steffi Probst and T. Brandon Evans
The Story of The Story of Tongdaeng: A Tale of Unspeakability and Thai Politics
Malavika Reddy and Taylor Lowe
Sound Travels
Michael Kushell and Steffi Probst
Say Hi to the Leaders!
Crannies of the Voice
Caufield Schnug and Marek Poliks
Time’s Arrow and the Burden of the Past: A Primer on the Thai Un-State
Craig Reynolds, et. al.
Dear Daranee: The Limits of Inhumanity in a Time of Crisis
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Music on the Table
Ben Tausig and Peter Doolan
History of Conspiracy
Mue Meut
The Map of Maple
Amy B. Trubek
Visible Sap
Amy B. Trubek
Howlisteningfor what’sthoughto…
Hillel Schwartz
On the Evanescent and the Reminiscent
Brad Weiss
Wine Memory
Rachel Black
Sensate staff
Sensing the Unseen – Response
David Howes
Juan Orrantia
Acoustemic Stratigraphies: Recent Work in Urban Phonography
Steven Feld
Materials Recovery Facility
Ernst Karel
Street Art Intervention: Alexandre Orion’s “Ossario” in São Paulo, Brazil
Nicholaus Gutierrez
The Quick: David MacDougall and Reflections on Relative Speed
Alex Fattal
Blind: On the Phenomenology of Camouflage
Hanna Rose Shell
A Play of Senses: Displace (v 1.0) Review
Nicole Labruto
Visualizing Vinyl: “The Record” at the Nasher Art Museum
Rebecca Dowd Geoffroy and Darren Mueller
Other Realm of Sea
Chinnie Ding
MIT Workshop
Knowing Citizens
Sarah Igo
“the first spoken arts record you can dance to”
Jeffrey Schnapp with Kara Oehler
An Anthropological Experiment: From the Cutting Room Floor
Kathryn Linn Geurts
Oral ideologies, aural technologies
Gavin Williams
Hearing the Hills: An Acoustic Encounter with South Dakota’s Black Hills
Jen Heuson
Sounding Underground: listening, performing and transforming the commuting experience
Ximena Alarcón
Revere Double Exposure
Joana Pimenta
Reflections on Copenhagen
Michael D. Jackson
Sensate Launch