Originally published in Sensate: August 2012
Archived: June 2018
Original format: Zeega multimedia non-linear platform
Screen capture video of one possible pathway through the material displayed below.

Original Accompanying Text:
Normalcy (moments of imagination and memory) mixes still photography, video and sound as a way of documenting the intimate spaces and moments of life in the aftermath of terror in Colombia. Based in a town along the Caribbean coast where paramilitaries massacred more than 30 men in 2000, I documented moments of the everyday 6 years after the event. Through the banality of life, through the quietness of simple activities and situations many times filtered by my own imagination, I recall the possibilities of remembrance embedded in such moments, especially in places where silence has been a means of survival. The work raises the question of what it means to return to normalcy, to live in a place where the past inhabits the present in unexpected ways.