• Flint Magazine and Sensate 2.0 Launch

Join founding editors Maia Asshaq & Benjamin Gaydos for the official launch of Flint Magazine.

The event will feature a conversation with Julia Yezbick & Lindsey Lodhie of Sensate Journal (who will be unveiling Sensate Journal 2.0) followed by performances by Viki Viktoria, Matt Conzett, Cy Tulip, and live painting by Kawandeep Virdee.

Flint Magazine is an unbound multimedia journal modeled after Aspen Magazine, the highly influential art journal “in a box.” Like Aspen, Flint Magazine examines contemporary art practice and criticism, however Flint Magazine offers a poetic antonym of sorts: where Aspen is a tree – Flint is a rock.

Taking cue from Roger Caillois’ The Writing of Stones, Issues 1 & 2 of Flint will explore the rock as a medium for art, mysticism, place, and history.

The complete magazine will be available at the event for purchase.