• Flint Magazine: Issue 1+2
  • Maia Asshaq and Benjamin Gaydos
  • [6] Flint Magazine Issue 1+2
  • 06/2018
  • Asset 6

A Rock Collection
Maia Asshaq & Benjamin Gaydos


Flint is an unbound multimedia magazine in a box. The magazine was modeled after Aspen Magazine, the highly influential art journal “in a box” from late 60s. Like Aspen, Flint Magazine will examine contemporary art practice and criticism, however Flint Magazine offers a poetic antonym of sorts – where Aspen is a tree, Flint is a rock. This hard, waxy chert is shaped by the water that courses above it resulting in a complex and beautiful form.

Taking cue from Roger Caillois’ The Writing of Stones, Issues 1 + 2 of Flint explores the rock as a medium for art, mysticism, place, and history. Rock is a natural archive; it records history as layers of sediment, and as a sculpted form. The oldest existing representations of visual symbolism and material technology are found in the form of carved stone that date back to 250,000 BCE. They preserve time, space, and artifacts in the same way the internet accumulates information – always collecting and storing without editing itself. Rocks compact history, yet still maintain a beautiful and unique form.

Each issue of Flint Magazine aims to collect and disseminate writing, film, audio, and other documents with the themes and design determined by its editors.

Rocks not only inspired the content and research for Flint Magazine, but also the design. We experimented with the tactile and the intangible – exploring how to formally present different mediums – while making sure each individual contribution maintained its integrity. What we came up with was an unbound, multi-media magazine, in a box.

We are extremely excited to collaborate with Sensate Journal to be able to offer supplemental digital content of Flint.

Flint also facilitated an opportunity for unique collaborations between designers, craftspeople, artists, and writers. Flint’s contributors span the globe, from Brazil to Zimbabwe.

We would like to thank the artists, craftspeople, designers, filmmakers, musicians, poets, printers, programmers, scientists, storytellers, and writers who contributed to Flint: Kyohei Abe, Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt, JT Bullitt, Mike Bullock, Lynn Crawford, Annie Curle, Traci Currie, Olayami Dabls, Warren Defever, Paul Elliman, Kottie Gaydos, Gale Glover, Paul Goodrich, Ilana Halperin, Nikki Hart, Daniel Horton, Masimba Hwati, Chido Johnson, Gwynne Johnson, Ethel Irene Kabwato, Matt Klimas, Francisco Lopez, Darlene Lorence, Cynthia Marangwanda, Margot Miriel, Francis McKee, Patricia No, Pope.L, Megan O’Connell, Pauline Oliveros, Filipa Ramos, Joseph Reinsel, Donna Roberts, Amy Sacksteder, Nina Sarnelle, Karen Stein, Megan Stockton, Valentine Umansky, Ana Vaz, Kawandeep Virdee, Ron Watters, Richard Weston, What Pipeline, George Wietor, Rebecca Worby, Denise Yezbick, and Julia Yezbick.

Flint Magazine has been a labor of love for the past three years. In the time it took to research, design, and produce this magazine a lot has changed for us. Babies were born, businesses closed, we both moved and then moved again. It was also during these three years that the Flint Water Crisis came to light. While we decided not to change the scope of our project, we were profoundly affected by the crisis. We will be donating a portion of Flint Magazine’s proceeds to organizations that are still working toward providing clean water to Flint’s residents.

The Flint Water Crisis reminds us that all things and beings are caught up in relation to each other. Even rocks, a form presumed to be stable, are shaped by water and other geologic forces. With this knowledge, we both thank the many hands that have touched and shaped this project and look forward to the relations that will grow out of our continued explorations with Flint Magazine.